…have a good laugh

It’s time we had a serious talk about a serious subject, crusaders — laughing. I know it may seem frivolous given the serious things happening around the world, but I would warrant that’s why we could all use a bit of laughter now more than ever. As the saying goes, laughter makes the best medicine….

…Feel Better

I hope you all enjoyed being Irish over the weekend because odds are you’re paying the price today. Whose idea was it to have a holiday that involves drinking outdoors at the tail end of winter and the flu season? Seriously, who was it?!?

…(sham)rock on

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! If ever there was a Sunday that called for Funday it was a St. Patrick’s Day Sunday, and I hope yours has been filled with plenty of fun. Whether you’re Irish or just joining in the joy (green river, green beer, green everything) of the day, let’s keep the parade o’…

…Catch Your Eye

Yesterday, on the Ides of March (of all days) something amazing happened — “Queer Eye” returned to Netflix. Season Three is officially here and not a moment too soon. This season moves the Fab Five’s base from Atlanta to Kansas City. They’re diving into the heart of the American Midwest, and it’s just as delightfully…

…fight for it

You can’t talk about Marvel’s latest movie without talking about its cultural significance. I know there are people out there that take issue with its self-awareness on the matter. But with all due respect, the people that are seriously offended by “Captain Marvel” taking a moment for female empowerment might be part of the reason…

…Circle Back

It’s Pi Day!!! That’s pi as in the mathematical constant. You may also know it as π or 3.14. Get it? It’s 3.14 on 3/14…anyways…you’re welcome for that crazy flashback to math class.