…Chase the Horizon

Arrr! T’is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Seeing as it’s also What to Watch Wednesday, I’m proclaiming today What Skallywags to Watch Wednesday. What makes a pirate watch-worthy?

…do the honors

Last night was the stuff that dreams are made of for the lucky winners of this year’s Emmy Awards. I can’t imagine there’s anything more motivating than having your hard work recognized in such an incredible way. Of course, not all of us won an Emmy yesterday, and I’m not talking about those who were,…

…Channel Greatness

Happy Emmy Monday! I know it sounds weird, but it is what it is, so we’re just rolling with it. Plus, it kind of makes Monday slightly less, well, Monday. And just think, after tonight you can look forward to a whole new season from your favorite shows. You just have to make it through…


We’re in the final days of our countdown to the Emmys, and things are getting real. Some might say too real. It’s time to talk “Game of Throne.” Yes, the show you’ve been anxiously waiting for the return of since 2017 and won’t get to see until 2019. For those of you who haven’t seen…


Happy almost-Friday! If you need some motivation to get you through, look no further. Today’s countdown to the Emmys is all about the ladies of “GLOW,” and it doesn’t get much more motivational than that.