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…Look Back

A long time ago, but also not so long ago…it really depends on how you look at it…40 years ago in this galaxy, an unlikely hero, an asthmatic astronaut, a space cowboy, a space bear(?), and a princess with an iconic hairdo took over the multiplexes of the world.

If you followed that, then you probably already know what today is, but for the rest of you — it’s the 40th anniversary of “Star Wars.” Read the rest of this entry


...some candles may be better off under the bushel, or an aromatically sealed chamberIt’s one of those days where we could all use a little more light and hope. Our thoughts and prayers at the 2WC go out to all those impacted by yesterday’s attack in Manchester.

While the horror of yesterday’s act of cowardice has been and will continue to be replayed, we could all use a reminder of the good that humanity is capable of. Moments like this are defined not by those who commit an act of terror, but by how the impacted community responds. Manchester has demonstrated the strength and love of their community.

To balance out the fear and ignorance behind attacks like these, here’s a few reminders of the good people who stepped up. Read the rest of this entry

…Flip Ahead

The time we all knew was coming is here—the end of the network television season. Back in the dark ages, before streaming and Netflix original programing, that meant that couch potatoes were forced to watch reruns or (gasp) find something other than television to occupy their time.

Thankfully, the television season never ends, and this is also the time of year when networks announce what’s in the pipeline for the upcoming season. So you can spend this time planning out your fall television viewing schedule. Read the rest of this entry

…Chip Away

 animation disney cartoon tired monday GIFHappy Monday! It’s the beginning of a new week, which means a fresh start with fresh opportunities and endless possibilities.

I know, way too much pep for a Monday. But before you roll your eyes and return to the daily grind, take a moment to take a deep breath and let the new week inspire you. Read the rest of this entry


If you’ve been battling the feeling that you’ve forgotten something important this weekend, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place. That bad news is…well…Happy Mother’s Day eve!

While I know that most of our fellow crusaders have already made plans (or at least have a card in the mail), consider this your official reminder that tomorrow is in fact Mother’s Day. This is not a drill! It’s officially go (or deal with the guilt) time! Read the rest of this entry