…Want It That Way

Happy Saturday, crusaders. It’s been a flashback of a week for me, so today I’m coining the term Flashback Saturday (or Wayback Weekend?) and providing a soundtrack to go with it. Yes, that means all boy bands, girl groups, and pop princesses. Sorry, not sorry about this.

…Try to Make It Real

Talk about a dream, Try to make it real. Bruce Springsteen, “The Badlands” Today, I’m wrapping up our summer of blockbusters with a film that is the perfect finale for this summer of cinema. Firstly, it is not a blockbuster, which is very on theme for this year’s lineup. Secondly, it centers around music and…

…Play Catch-Up

Today is a Monday kind of Tuesday for me, so I’m going to keep this short(ish). It’s been a whirlwind of a week and a half, and today it’s time to get back to work…which isn’t as bad as it sounds. Routines can seem monotonous at times, but they’re also nice to come home to.

…Never Miss a Beat

Happy almost-Friday! This week has already felt like a month, so I’m keeping this post short. We’re right in the middle of the dog days of summer, which means the end of summer is rapidly approaching. I, for one, am not ready.

…Wait For You

Hey there! I thought I’d mix things up and write this post directly to you today. Yes, you. Now that I have your attention I wanted to say hello. I know you’re busy and I don’t want to keep you too long. Before I let you get back to it, I wanted to give you something. I had…

…Tempt Fate

It’s one week until the 2019 Tony Awards, and this year we’re counting down with a look at all of this year’s nominated musicals. First up is a show that offers a seemingly infinite jukebox of Motown hits from one of the most successful groups of all time.