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…wrack and ruin

Crusaders, it’s occurred to me that as we enter the summer blockbuster season, now is the perfect time to refresh our memories on proper summer movie (and all movies for that matter) etiquette.

This first venture into the new cinematic season has brought to light a particular film fan faux pas…

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…Feel the Fourth Around You

star wars GIF

Happy May the Fourth! Today, around the world and across the universe we celebrate Star Wars Day.

Why? Well, much like a joke, the magic is lost if you have to explain it…so I’ll leave you to discover that for yourself.

The beauty about Star Wars Day is that it isn’t about just one thing. It can be about anything you want it to be, assuming it’s Star Wars related. Read the rest of this entry

…power through

Welcome, movie fans, to the start of another summer of blockbusters.

With “Avengers: Infinity War,” we enter the beginning of the end of a story Marvel has been building towards for a decade. No, that’s not a spoiler, that’s just a fact. Part two of “Infinity War” (and its TBD title) will conclude this arc and start the next.

There are few things I can say about this movie without spoiling some truly spectacular cinematic moments, so instead I’m going to take the opportunity to applaud Marvel for what they’ve built.

Marvel has built a literal empire and I think it’s okay for us all to take a moment and acknowledge how impressive it really is, which to be fair is what I spent most of the movie doing.

Hold on to that feeling. No, they didn’t destroy it. They just made it so good, you’re eyes are going to leak, and you’re going to want to remember this moment of pride. Read the rest of this entry

…Get a Head Start

Marvel fans, today is the day. “Avengers: Infinity War,” finally hits theaters, and the summer blockbuster season officially begins.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to adjust your calendars, it’s definitely still April. If you’re wondering how the summer blockbuster season could be starting just over a month into spring, so am I. Read the rest of this entry

…Speak for the Trees

The big day is finally here—it’s Earth Day! Nearly half a century old this day dedicated to our one and only planet draws attention to things we sometimes take for granted.

Our planet does many things, but number one on that list (for us at least) is keeping us alive. The fact is, our planet’s resources are not inexhaustible, and without proper care and precaution they will run out. Read the rest of this entry