…try your luck

It’s Friday the 13th and October is just weeks away, so I think we all know what that means. The stars have aligned for the perfect opportunity to share my favorite (absolutely-not-scary-at-all) fall movies. For what it’s worth, I actually do like a good scary movie (or TV series). But my definition of “good” means said…

…bake it off

Today, I’d like to talk to you about the power of baking. I know, it may seem an odd topic for the day, but if you question it, I’d argue you need it even more than you realize more than anyone. “It” in this case being the eternal gift that is, “The Great British Bake…

…count on it

Another Monday, another fresh start for that to-do list. But today isn’t just any Monday. It’s the Monday of the first full week since Labor Day. Don’t panic. This is good news. You have an extra day to accomplish all those tasks. And what better way to kickstart that productivity than with a good brain…

…raise a glass

Happy Saturday, crusaders and a very happy National Beer Lovers Day to all. And what better time to celebrate this ancient beverage (#history) than in the final days of summer (or first days of fall) and just ahead of the drink’s annual celebration — Oktoberfest (which confusingly begins in September)?

…give it your all

After making it through the first half of this grueling short week, we’ve made it to the home stretch, crusaders. What better time for a reminder of all the good things in your life (#blessed) and the importance of sharing those things with the less fortunate with for International Day of Charity?

…please hold

Our world has a grand history of “day after” holidays. You’re probably familiar with Thanksgiving’s Black Friday and Christmas’ Boxing Day, but have you heard of Labor Day’s Telephone Tuesday.