…call it a toss

This International Pillow Fight Day, I think it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate these “battles” where everyone wins (except for those with down allergies).Of course, when fun is the objective, it’s hard for anyone to lose (as long as no cheap shots are taken).

…sing out strong

Tomorrow night, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” takes its final bows following a four-season run that defied all the rules (you’re welcome CW for the tagline shoutout). So today, I’m giving it one last round of applause before the curtain comes down on this incredible story. Truly, the fact that this show even happened is incredible. Four seasons,…

…stick with it

Today across the country, many of us are faced with another reminder of the importance of civic responsibility. Translation: It’s Election Day.

…look on

Today the month that entered like a lion heads out like a lamb. And with the end of March comes the conclusion of Women’s History Month. Of course, that doesn’t mean the importance of sharing women’s stories ends. If anything, it reminds us to carry that mission with us throughout the rest of the year….

…see an elephant fly

Since it was first teased so many months ago, one thing was perfectly clear about the live-action version of the classic Disney film, “Dumbo” — its title character is absolutely adorable. I mean, look at that face…

…feel all the feels

This What to Watch Wednesday, it’s time to get real. I think we all know that there’s been something missing for a while now. At first, it felt like we may be able to power through, but it’s time to talk about the Olivia-Pope-shaped hole in our hearts. Since “Scandal” came to an end last year,…