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…reach for the stars

This Monday, we find ourselves once again on the edge of a whole week of possibility, crusaders.

And today, fresh off a weekend full of Earth Day and marches for science, I can think of no great inspiration than astronaut Peggy Whitson who today set a new record for cumulative time in space by a U.S. astronaut with 534 days (and counting). #CongratsPeggy Read the rest of this entry

…be blinded by science

bg1This Earth Day, across the country and around the world, we march for science.

We march for those who live by its laws, those who fear it, those who distrust it, and even those aim to discredit it.

We march because ignoring scientific facts for the sake of short-term gains, does not make those facts go away, but it does set us on a track for some long-term, devastating consequences. Read the rest of this entry

…give me five

Today we celebrate that most celebratory of gestures, the high five.

Whether you won the big game, nailed your latest presentation, or just generally rock at life, the high five covers them all.

In the age of the fist bump and overly elaborate handshakes…

…this old school sign of congratulations and achievement still manages to survive, and that alone is call for celebration.

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Happy International Juggler’s Day, crusaders! (Not to be confused with World Juggler’s Day, which is the Saturday closest to June 17.)

In honor of the day, I thought a bit of multitasking was appropriate, so you’re getting not two but three for one as we celebrate juggling day, Tax Day, and Earth Week.

Because I can’t think of a better metaphor for our relationship with this planet we call home. Can you? Read the rest of this entry

…hop to it

easter-easter-bunny-family-decoration-easter-eggsFor many, today is a day of renewal, rebirth, and spring.

So, this Sunday Funday it’s all about the Bunny.

Whatever today brings you, I hope it’s a day full of good times with friends and family.

Happy Easter, to all, and without further ado, I’ll hop to it… Read the rest of this entry