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alien-covenant-teaser-posterThe genres of summer blockbusters can truly run the gamut, from superhero adventures to nail biting thrillers to epic tales of historic heroism, there is something for everyone. This week’s movie takes us to the thrilling world of

This week’s movie takes us to the thrilling world of the sci-fi thriller with Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant.”

This chapter of the “Alien” franchise picks up where the 2012 “Prometheus” left off, opening with a closer look at the beginnings of David (a synthetic human being played by Michael Fassbender) and a rather profound conversation with his creator, Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce). Read the rest of this entry

…look up

chattering_teethThis What to Watch Wednesday, I wanted to take a moment to laugh with some summertime comedies. Because, I think we could all use a moment of legitimate, uncomplicated humor right now.

As cathartic as it might be to laugh at what would otherwise be the horribly depressing realities of our world, sometimes it’s nice to laugh with no buried drama. So, today, I’m taking a moment for pure, joyful comedy… Read the rest of this entry

…hit the ground running

giphy1This Monday requires a little bit of an extra boost in addition to the usual level of motivation.


Today, 2WC and Co. (you know who you are) embark on another round of training with 13.1 miles at the end.

And with the summer season upon us, even if you’re not working your way towards a half marathon, it’s a great time of the year to get outside and move.
Read the rest of this entry

…just you wait


Another Saturday, another shot at Triple Crown glory as the Preakness is run this afternoon in Baltimore. Of course, this year’s race doesn’t just fall on any Saturday. No, today also happens to be the 20th of May, which (as any musical theater nerd knows) was proclaimed Eliza Doolittle Day.

This wonderful coincidence brings together two beautiful scenes from a beautiful film and stage musical. So, naturally, will this blog post will too… Read the rest of this entry

…take the stage


As a fan of both the stage and the small screen, I’m a fan of anything that combines the two and as you may have noticed, the trend of live theatrical performance in television has sort of caught on. What started as an annual Twitter snark-fest…I mean treasured holiday tradition…with NBC’s annual live musicals has now expanded to something of a trend as FOX joined the party with “Grease Live,” an Easter special, “The Passion,” and I’ll even count its less-than-live remake of “Rocky Horror.”

Now everyone is upping their game and there are more live and quasi-live theatrical televised events to keep track of than ever before. So, in today’s very special Theater (on television) Thursday, let’s all take a moment to catch-up and anticipate… Read the rest of this entry