…walk this way

Sometimes you stop to smell the flowers and sometimes you stop to use them as a frame for this beautiful sky. Who doesn’t love a photogenic route? Hope your day is just as beautiful as this one was.

…be like a small umbrella in the rain

Shout out to anyone who got the “Little Women” reference. And may your day be drier and warmer than the one pictured here, but hopefully just as fun.

…put it all together

I admit it, sometimes curiosity gets the better of me. There are some details, that once you have them, you simply need to know the rest of the story. For example, when I heard “Murder Mystery,” Adam Sandler’s latest comedy for Netflix was viewed by 30 million accounts in just three days, I needed to…

…dare to dream

Picture this, a teenage comedy set against the backdrop of the Troubles — a time of political turmoil at the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland in the 1990s. And yes, I’ve just completely under-explained hundreds of years of sociopolitical conflict, something that “Derry Girls,” avoids to spectacular affect, with the perfect balance of social…

…rise and shine

We’re in the throes of the dog days of summer, which calls for some extra #MondayMotivation. So, let’s jumpstart the week with the ladies of “GLOW.” The show released its third season on Netflix this weekend and (three episodes in…anyways) it is, in a word, kickass.

…take it easy

As the end of summer fast approaches, we all have different approaches to savoring these final days of the season. Some will try to cram every possible outdoor activity into these final weekends. Others will slow things down to a slower pace. Today is for the latter — Happy National Lazy Day!