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…kill it

As our “hero” states in his opening voiceover, “Deadpool 2” is a family movie. And I have to say, he’s absolutely right. Seriously.

Okay, not so much in the traditional sense…please, dear god, do not bring the children…but in the sense that it is about a family. Yes, they have problems. Yes, they have enemies. But at the end of the day, they would decapitate any henchman who tried to lay a finger on their family. Read the rest of this entry


…end well

This What to Watch Wednesday, I bring sad (but not too sad) tidings. It’s the time of year TV fans dread, “sweeps” season.

It’s that magical time in the spring and fall when the powers that be decide which beloved shows will stay and which will go (and yes, every show is beloved by someone).

This spring (and late winter) brought the beginning of the end for more than a few favorites, but I take comfort in another trend these shows have benefitted from — the opportunity to go out on their own terms.

Yes, I wish these gems could run forever, but there are few greater gifts than the chance to end a story well. So thank you powers that be, for the chance to see these stellar stories shine (one last time 😢). Read the rest of this entry

…get the memo

Today we celebrate a very particular day of note, but first, I’ll give you a moment to grab a pen and paper. You’re going to want to jot this down.

It’s National Memo Day! And it feels like the perfect motivation to get us all started on the right foot this Monday.

Never underestimate the power of a memo. Read the rest of this entry

…hold on to your hat

With another Royal Wedding behind us, I’m sure we’re all coming down off of the high of that parade of hats and titles you didn’t know existed. Not to mention the 6 AM wake up call for anyone who wanted to watch it live.

And if you tuned in specifically for the hat fashion (and who didn’t, really?), have I got good news for you. Don’t put away those bonnets and fascinators just yet. We’ve got a horse race to watch. Read the rest of this entry

…listen up

Today, crusaders, we find ourselves in the midst of another seemingly pointless, yet surprisingly profound social media battle.

Welcome to the week of Yanny vs. Laurel.

I have to say, despite the few heated exchanges between those unwilling to explore the “why” of the phenomenon, I have to say, the return of a mind-bending divide is quite comforting.

It’s also a (rather on the nose) reminder of the importance of listening to each others, appreciating the unique perspectives of each of us, and respecting those differences.

Sure, some people are being pig-headed about their perspective being the “right” one, but it’s kind of nice to have the hard-headed haters focused on something else for a moment.

Plus, I think we all know that there are more important things to get worked up about, rather than what name we’re hearing (it’s Yanny, for the record), like…

So go forth, crusaders, and tackle whatever tough questions this week still has in store.

The Why: ‘Yanny’ Or ‘Laurel’? Why People Hear Different Things In That Viral Clip (NPR)

…bi-daily smile…