…Lay It On Thick

Welcome to Ash Wednesday and the official beginning of Lent. For all the non-Catholic’s out there, that means your Catholic friends are going to look like they picked up a side hustle as a chimney sweep today.

…Rush In

Welcome to the first Monday of March. To those of you enjoying March’s lion-like charm, stay safe and warm. To those with lamb-like weather, this isn’t about you. On days like this, with spring just barely out of reach, we could all use some extra layers and a little extra motivation.

…Be Present

Welcome, my friends, to a Saturday rhyme, I thank you sincerely for taking the time. My next request might seem a bit silly– Please put down your phone. I mean it, really.

…Play Nice

  Kids, it’s time for another conversation about how we treat others. This week Rotten Tomatoes took away users’ ability to comment on or review films prior to their release. Why? Well, it seems some of us have forgotten the golden rule…again. If you don’t know what the golden rule is please keep reading.

…Take Action

The Oscars may be over, but the film industry’s drama is still going strong. The day started with the release of a pointedly worded letter from actress Emma Thompson regarding her departure from Skydance Animation’s film “Luck.” If you haven’t read it yet, I strongly recommend taking a look at her powerful statement expecting better…

…Change Lanes

The Best Picture category is starting to feel like a circus with all the elephants in the room. Our next nominee “Green Book” certainly has its fair share of metaphorical and problematic pachyderms. I won’t presume to know the filmmakers motivations regarding the film’s title, but it is a poor and provocative choice since the…