…Be Practical

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, especially in the autumn. Something about the changing leaves and cooler temperatures makes the world want to wrap itself up in a warm blanket of the familiar. With that in mind, today is a flashback Flick Friday. Having just celebrated its 20th anniversary, “Practical Magic,” is a film that is…

…Come Home

Any lover of the horror genre knows that not all horror flicks and series are created equal. There are those that might startle you a few times and then there are those that get under your skin, force you to watch in the fetal position, and have you sleeping with the lights on for a…

…Take Out the Trash

It’s Monday, and I’ve got some good news — you don’t have to like it. It’s National Grouch Day so you can be as crabby and discontent as you want. I know, this kind of freedom can be overwhelming especially on a Monday. To get you started here are a few grouchy talking point:


Hey there, fellow crusaders and active participants in the great experiment that is our democracy. It’s Saturday, the day where you get things done, so why not check some things off your voting to-do list. Don’t have one of those? No worries, you’ve come to the right place…


It’s International Day of the Girl, and it seems like the perfect excuse to reflect on what it means to be a girl. To put it simply, being a girl is complicated. There’s no denying that girls (of all ages) have made great strides. Unfortunately, the world hasn’t quite kept up.