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…Boldly Go

Happy Sunday, fellow crusaders! As you may or may not know, today is not just any other autumn Sunday. Today sees the long anticipated return of “Star Trek,” to television…sort of.

Tonight, CBS will air the first episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” (7:30 CT), before switching the series over to their CBS All Access streaming service (psst…Non-US Netflix users, it’ll be up on Netflix the next day…). No matter how you feel about their choice of streaming service, it’s nice to see “Star Trek” back on TV, even if it is a very different television landscape. Read the rest of this entry


…Fall Back

It’s officially fall! While it’s sad to see summer go, the autumn season has a few things going for it as well.

For one thing, it’s not ungodly hot. There’s also sweaters, and an assorted variety of hot beverages. And seeing as it’s Flick Friday, I should also point out that there’s a lot of pretty awesome fall movies.  Read the rest of this entry

…Space Out

With a new season of television comes a slew of new shows vying for your attention. It can be a bit overwhelming, especially when the shows start to look the same.

This year’s winners of the look-alike contest are without a doubt “Star Trek: Discovery” and “The Orville.” Both are set in space in the future, and both are certainly after the same audience.  Read the rest of this entry

…Channel Surf

Happy post-Emmys Monday! If you missed last night’s awards, here’s a brief review — “Game of Thrones” did not win.

If you don’t consider that an obvious statement, then you probably don’t follow the television scene that closely…congrats?

Seeing as it’s unofficially the beginning of the fall television season, and a Monday, I thought I’d do some TV-inspired Monday Motivation. Because what’s more inspiring than watching other people do thing while you sit on your couch? Read the rest of this entry

…Get Some Fresh Air

Happy Emmy Awards Eve! Tomorrow we give a pat on the back to the past year’s best in television, which means on Monday the new season of fall television officially begins.

We’ve already seen a preview with shows like “American Horror Story” and “Outlander” sneaking in ahead of the start. So you know it’s going to be a good one. With that in mind, I’d like to share some advice for how you should spend your Saturday. Read the rest of this entry