…look on the bright side

As we embark on a season of beginnings, new shows, new seasons, and new stories to love, I feel it’s only right to begin the preparation for the endings ahead.

Yes, for more than a few fan favorites, this fall is the beginning of the end. But don’t despair. There are few greater joys than a story well told and although these stories may be ending, what tales they have been.

(And who knows, a revival may be just around the corner.)

So, this What to Watch Wednesday, let’s take a moment for the finales ahead and prepare to enjoy the ride…

“The Good Place”
I hate to pick favorites, but if I had to “The Good Place” would among them. It’s decision to end after just four seasons only deepened that love and admiration. I know it hurts to say goodbye, but trust me, seeing it wander slowly away from a coherent plotline would have been more painful. So thank you, Good Place for always knowing where you were going and for taking us along for the ride.

“Modern Family”
It’s hard to imagine a world without the Pritchetts…and I give them until January before they announce a spinoff. But in the meantime, there will be laughter and tears, probably at the same time (it’s a talent).

“Will & Grace”
I know. Again? The good news is, the start of the next season hasn’t even been announced yet, so you have time to adjust to a world without “Will & Grace” again. But I think we all know that “Will & Grace” could always return (when the world needs them most).

Not really. I mean, a third season hasn’t been confirmed and if it happens it’s probably a ways off. But really I just want to make sure you’re paying attention and remind you to check out this amazing show.




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