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Happy Emmy Monday, crusaders, and my condolences to anyone who hasn’t yet finished the final season of “Game of Thrones.” I hope you weren’t watching the highlight reel too closely…

Today marks the beginning of a new season, both for the seasons (Happy First Day of Fall!) and the television guide (“The Good Place” returns Thursday!).

Of course, in the age of Netflix (and Amazon and Apple and Facebook???) every season is premiere season (so that list is only going to get longer). But I think we can all agree that fall still has a special place in our television loving hearts. (I attribute it to sweater season and pumpkin spice.)

And that means there will soon be even more shows you “have to watch,” which can be added to that list you have of all the Emmy-winning and -nominated shows you “just haven’t gotten to yet.”

The good news is, as was repeated many times last night, we are living in a platinum (notice the metal upgrade) age of television. The bad news is, we are living in a platinum age of television and there simply isn’t enough time to watch everything.

So today I’m issuing a platinum-age-of-television PSA: You don’t actually have to watch all of them (except “Fleabag”). I can’t promise you that your friends, family, and co-workers will ever stop telling you that you do, but it’s OK if you don’t have the time or desire.

There are other tasks that need to get done other things in the world to enjoy. So, this post-Emmy Monday, don’t feel obligated to binge all the winners (except “Fleabag”), you do you…and you can always catch up later (or not…except “Fleabag”).

…bi-daily smile…

Have you been convinced of the greatness of “Fleabag” yet?

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