…Want It That Way

Happy Saturday, crusaders. It’s been a flashback of a week for me, so today I’m coining the term Flashback Saturday (or Wayback Weekend?) and providing a soundtrack to go with it.

Yes, that means all boy bands, girl groups, and pop princesses. Sorry, not sorry about this.

Now before you knock it or swiftly exit this post, I have two words for you — Baby Shark. Have fun getting that ear-worm out of your head.

You know what would help, and be preferable to an endless stream of “do do, do do do do”? Some late ’90s and early ’00s pop songs with a little rock, R&B, and hip-hop thrown in for fun.

I’m just going to leave this here. You’re welcome.

All joking aside, a little bit of a music throwback is the perfect cure (or momentary salve) for whatever this week threw your way. If you’re looking to kill some time (and possibly a few brain cells), I highly recommend reading and analyzing the lyrics to any boy band song. They are a wonderful mess of contradictions (Max Martin is an evil genius). What way do the Backstreet Boys want it? The world may never know.

On that note, I’ll leave you to your weekend. Be brave and be kind.

P.S. — Today’s photo is brought to you by some serious stadium concert lighting and the world’s greatest boy band.

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  1. originalomc says:

    that’s lighting from NKOTB??? Looks more like the BSB to me…

    Liked by 1 person

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