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Today, I thought I’d take a moment for fashion. Partially because it happens to be National Bow Tie Day and mostly because I happen to love a surprising number of shows that have quite a lot to do with bow ties. (Can we make this a genre, Netflix?)

Few fashion statements have endured the same kind of emotional roller coaster as the bow tie, a style choice that’s simultaneously been dubbed “nerdy” …

…while still managing to be the unofficial uniform of 007.

The juxtaposition is enough to give you whiplash.

Perhaps that’s why it’s managed to warrant its own national day. So, this What to Watch Wednesday, I thought I’d dress things up for the occasion with just a few (yes, there are more) of my favorite bow tie shows.

“Doctor Who”

When it comes to bow ties and television, few shows embrace this contradiction of a fashion statement quite as warmly as “Doctor Who,” specifically the eleventh doctor, but the sentiment has stayed with the show as the Doctor has regenerated. This Time Lord’s adventurous spirit has led to far-off galaxies and far-out fashion choices, both to incredible effect. #BowTiesAreCool

“Bill Nye Saves the World”

And moving from science fiction to straight-up science, and a generation’s substitute science teacher (if you know, you know), Bill Nye, who wouldn’t quite be the same Science Guy we all know and love without his colorful collection of bow ties. His new show may be on hiatus but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to learn while we wait for season 4 (hint, hint, Netflix).

“Downton Abbey”
Finally, whether it’s white tie or black tie (and I hope you know the difference), you best not show up to dinner at “Downton Abbey” without your bow tie, gentlemen. And with the return of the Granthams just around the corner (in theaters September 20), now is the perfect time to brush up on your formal dress codes and all the secrets Anna’s keeping (all of them, she’s keeping all of them).

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  1. originalomc says:

    Dame Maggie…glad to see you back…


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