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Picture this, a teenage comedy set against the backdrop of the Troubles — a time of political turmoil at the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland in the 1990s. And yes, I’ve just completely under-explained hundreds of years of sociopolitical conflict, something that “Derry Girls,” avoids to spectacular affect, with the perfect balance of social commentary and humor.

Can’t imagine that being possible? Watch the first two seasons of “Derry Girls” on Netflix now and tell me I’m wrong (and I’ll call you a liar).

History as seen through the experiences of four teenage girls (and honorary Derry Girl, James), might sound like a potential nightmare…

But the show and its leads strike the perfect tone of innocence (but never naive) and the result is touching, deeply profound at times, and (most importantly) hilarious…

And that’s all while the show manages to not take itself too seriously.

These girls (and James) are not unaware of the political turmoil that surrounds them, it simply does not define them.

They may be too busy navigating the politics of their (very Catholic) high school and teenage years to spend too much time worrying about the politics of their wider world, but these smaller conflicts and triumphs are made all the more important because of it.

The crushing blow of being stood up at prom somehow becomes much more profound when it’s just hours before a historic ceasefire…

The “Derry Girls” is a quick and worthwhile watch with a dose of historical perspective, something that might come in handy (even today).

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  1. originalomc says:

    another show to queue up…


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