…play every possible part

It’s National Cat Day, crusaders, and you know what that means?

I’m talking about “Cats,” the weirdest movie of the (closer than you think) holiday season that we’re all strangely looking forward to (you know you are).

And if you don’t understand why, then you don’t know “Cats” (but you can learn about “Cats” here).

To kick things off, I have to come clean. The concept of “Cats” has always been a little ridiculous to me…

And yes, I have seen the show…

…but ridiculous is not necessarily a bad thing.

That’s part of the charm of “Cats” (as documented by “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”).

And the world needs some good ridiculous things…

Especially ridiculous things with incredible music…

…and one heck of an imagination…

Because without a little of the ridiculous, the world would be a very boring place indeed.

So, as you reflect on “Cats” and cats this National Cat Day, leave some room for the weird, life wouldn’t be the same without it.

…bi-daily smile…


One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    feels like waiting for a crash at the race track, but…can’t wait…


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