…keep swimming

Every Monday has its challenges. Even if you’re a Monday enthusiast, there’s a transition period from the weekend that must be observed (preferably with coffee).

This week, I’m going to shorten that transition period for you with two words — Shark Week!

Now, be careful not to show too much enthusiasm or the fun-crushing op-eds will come for you.

But we all know the joy of Shark Week cannot be contained.

What lies ahead?

All the shark content you never knew you needed, like celebrities with sharks…

Oh and we’re kind of killing their home…

The sharks’ home (it’s the big blue wet thing), not the celebrities’ homes…Well, to be fair, the celebrities do live on earth and the havoc we’ve wreaked is affecting the whole planet…So, I guess indirectly we’re killing the celebrities’ homes…and our own…

But the point is the ocean could really use our help…

Seriously, we need to get on this, like, last century…

No pressure, but it’s going to be hard to have Shark Week if we don’t find a solution…

…bi-daily smile…

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