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It’s time for your weekly reminder (from me, anyway) that there’s a lot of political craziness going on out there. Last week I wrote about paying attention and educating yourself. So, what I’m about to say might seem a bit contradictory — step away from the Mueller coverage.

If it floats your boat, feel free to watch the hours of inane questioning and “time-yielding” political grandstanding. Take notes, cross-stitch your favorite quotes on a pillow, fangirl over your favorite audience members, meme the crap out of it, but then walk away.

Unless it is your job you do not need to subject yourself to the days of coverage and commentary that will follow. Your sanity and emotional health are far more important than keeping yourself informed on what the talking heads think. So know your limits.

Whether or not the congressional hearings are important remains to be seen, but I can assure you that the immediate coverage of it is not in the slightest worthy of your time.

If you’re not sure what to occupy your time with, don’t worry, I have some suggestions

You could listen to some music…

Feel all the emotions with the latest season of Queer Eye…

You could read a book or go outside and enjoy the fact that hell has retreated, for a moment at least. And if you still have politics on the brain you can put that curiosity to good use and keep reading up on the 2020 election. Here’s some info on the 2020 House of Representatives elections to get you started.

Okay, that’s all I have for you. Get back to it. Whatever it may be, may it go the way you want it to. Take risks, be brave, and be kind (to yourself and others).

More on the Story: A little perspective and a reminder that some people are still doing their jobs – Politifact

…just for fun:

In case the Queer Eye trailer wasn’t enough emotion for you, here are some more feels of the happy variety…


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  1. originalomc says:

    Two headlines – “Mueller repeats report findings” vs. “Mueller refuses to exonerate Trump”…good, unbiased headline writing at its finest…

    Liked by 1 person

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