…Fan the Flames

Hey there, my fellow nerds. It’s Comic-Con weekend, and fandoms of all kinds have descended on San Diego to collectively geek out over the latest pop culture news and reveals.

For those of us not lucky to be there in person, there’s still plenty to keep us distracted and out of the heat this weekend.

There’s a lot, so in the interest of not getting completely overwhelmed I’m going to focus on fanning the television flames today.

(Fun Fact: All three of these series are based on books and/or graphic novels)

Up first is, “His Dark Materials”, because HBO needs something to distract the nerds from the fact that the dragons are gone. Also Lin-Manuel Miranda, James McAvoy, and magic…need I say more?

Next, Netflix’s latest fantasy series based on the book series “The Witcher.” There are monsters and an attempt to make Henry Cavill less attractive with the world’s ugliest wig. I’ll let you decide if they succeeded.

Finally, an oldie but a goody — “The Walking Dead” — which is back for its 10th season. If you gave up on it a season or so back (no judgment), but the new showrunners have done some amazing things. It might be worth another look.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for you. Be careful not to fall too far down the Comic-Con rabbit hole. Stay cool and be kind.

P.S. — This came out after I originally posted, but it needed to be included because Sir Patrick Stewart (as Picard) is back in the Star Trek universe, which isn’t new news but it’s still freaking AMAZING!!! Okay, that’s all. Hope you enjoyed that run-on sentence.

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  1. originalomc says:

    Thank you, Zer – I did not know Jean Luc was back…

    Liked by 1 person

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