…figure it out

Guys, I can’t take it anymore. We’ve officially reached peak disagreement culture and it’s time to stop this.

And I can think of no better day than National Sugar Cookie Day to take a moment to add a little sweetness to everyone’s day.

From boycotts to the Bachelorette to who they cast as Ariel and why isn’t Mushu in the “Mulan” trailer?!?! You name it, some random strangers are probably battling it out about it online. But rudeness online is nothing new (it’s still not okay, but it’s not new either). The problem is when that anonymous indifference and the hostility that comes with it spills out into the real world. That is how fistfights at Disney happen and that needs to stop now.

I’m not saying we all need to agree with each other all the time. That would be boring, unproductive, and awful for everyone. I’m just saying we could take a beat before we jump down someone’s throat on Twitter.

So, let’s all take a breath, remember that we are all (most of us anyway) human and probably not evil, and be patient (and kind).

And always remember to not feed the trolls, it doesn’t do any good for anyone…

If you can’t say it in a calm, properly capitalized sentence, you should probably reconsider saying it at all…

…bi-daily smile…


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  1. originalomc says:

    oh, Disney – you give us princesses and dragons and the happiest place on Earth, and now, perhaps, you have given us the tipping point??? dare I hope…

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