…keep it moving

It’s occurred to me that the “dog” days of summer get an awful lot of attention. The idea being that those long, hot days of summer are slow…and I beg to differ (on the mischaracterization of dogs and the pace).

So, today I’m celebrating the cat days of summer (which is an even more incorrect name, sunshine does not accelerate most felines). Because there is nothing slow about summer.

This season is packed to the gills, full of days in the sun (with the proper SPF), more brunches than anyone can count, days at the pool, Fourth of July parties, concerts, theater, and everything that makes this season the fun that it is.

So here’s to the cat days of summer, may they be filled with chlorine, rose, (sunscreen!), and all the fun you can fit in (now get to it!).

Image result for summer cat gif

…bi-daily smile…


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  1. originalomc says:

    “Cat days” does evoke lazing around doing nothing…not a horrible way to deal with oppressive heat and humidity…


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