…throw some shades

On this summer Friday eve, let’s take a moment for the accessory of the season. They’re both fashionable and functional. They can make a statement year-round. And if you have blue eyes (i.e. are especially sensitive to light), you probably wear them most days of the year.

Happy National Sunglasses Day!

As someone who has recently been made keenly aware of how many sunglasses I own, let me just say, there’s no such thing as too many…

The right pair of shades will not only save your peepers from the harmful effects of UV rays…

They can turn your day around…

Transform your outlook on life…

And just make you look really cool…

So, here’s to the fashion statement that won’t quit saving your eyes, come shine, rain, or really bright stadium lights (totally a thing).

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    neon colored rockin’ Indoff sunglasses are the only shades you will ever need to own…

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