…Create a Distraction

In case the title didn’t give it away this post has some ulterior motives, which is nothing new. I just decided to be upfront about it today to keep you guessing and on your toes. What those motives are is up to you to determine. (Yes, you.) Good luck.

I’ve been feeling a bit distracted recently (in a good way), which oddly enough has made me really focused. (I’m a mess of contradictions) Both fortunately and unfortunately that focus has not been on my Blues, who play for the Stanley Cup tonight.

I would apologize for not giving them my full attention, but A) it seems to be working for them, B) the playoffs have been going on for two solid months. That is not me being hyperbolic, that is literally how long the playoffs have been going on. That’s longer than some sports’ entire seasons.

Just to be clear, I have half-watched almost all the games. However, every time I’ve made plans to sit down and watch a whole game, well…things have not gone well.

Anyways, the point is that my attention has been focused elsewhere and the Blues seem okay with that. So, tonight I will continue to focus on distraction (it makes sense if you don’t think about it).

Honestly, I’m afraid that I’ve already said too much, so I’m just going to finish this post with a bunch of puppy gifs and hope that the hockey gods won’t notice. See you on the other side.

Look! Puppies on ice…

…and a puppy who doubles as a Zamboni…

…and…oh my goodness…they’re in slow-mo in the snow…my heart…
And in conclusion, this post was definitely about puppies.

(*Psst* Go Blues!)

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    you can’t mess with the mojo…we all contribute in our own ways…

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