…put some ice on it

Today I’m talking superstition and giving it the respect it deserves.

Put another way, I’d like to talk about why I haven’t watched any of the Blues playoff games (sort of).

Do I know exactly what’s happened in each and every one of the games? Yes.

Have I watched all but two (which they lost) out of the corner of my eye or Twitter feed? Also yes.

You’re welcome.

This very post was written, while side-eyeing game two, so I think we can all agree the results speak for themselves.

I’m not saying it’s a perfect system, there are obviously other pieces that need to be in place. Obviously, every victory does not rely on how I watch the game. That would be ridiculous.

I alone cannot carry this team, but everyone else knows where they need to stand, what shirt they’re not allowed to wash, who they need to watch with, what the barometric pressure needs to be, and why they need to stay in the kitchen now … so basically we cannot lose.

Now let’s get out there and superstition our way to victory. Let’s go Blues!

…bi-daily smile…

Jon Hamm gets it…



One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    we will be at Johnny’s for the first period then over to Cheri and Allen’s for the balance of game 3…until that doesn’t work…


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