Today marks the conclusion of the Endgame of Thrones weekend, which will come to a close just as it began — with the Starks…

After yesterday’s almost-May snow storm here in Chicago, I think it’s fair to say that we are emotionally and meteorologically prepared for the Battle of Winterfell.

But just in case, it’s probably best that we all take a moment to consider the potential outcomes of this evening’s battle.

First things first, nothing good is happening in the crypt, even though we’ve been repeatedly reminded that it is the “safest place” and where all the women and children will be. I mean you’re battling an army of the dead, what could possibly go wrong in a crypt…

And after last week’s series of sentimental moments…

…it’s pretty clear someone(s) is not making it through this battle…

But whatever the outcome (Queen Sansa!), it’s sure to be one heck of a ride…

…bi-daily smile…



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  1. originalomc says:

    waiting for Netflix…


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