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How we communicate is something that fascinates me. That shouldn’t be a surprise, as a writer (and human), that’s basically my job (and life). In the digital age, communication has become simultaneously straightforward and streamlined and more chaotic and confusing than ever before.

I’m sharing this not because I want to have a group anxiety attack about the modern-day pressure of simply sending a text or starting a conversation. No, I’m using this as an initiation or lead-in to a series that took me by surprise.

An unlikely series caught my attention this tv season. Perhaps unlikely isn’t the right word, but it was a bit unexpected. “God Friended Me,” seemed at best a show that was built on a gimmick and at worst a show that was going to preach its own self-righteousness for an hour. It is neither.

At its heart, not just the religious variety, but faith in all its forms. Faith in yourself, faith in others, and yes faith in a higher power. Although, that higher power isn’t necessarily a deity. In this instance, it’s the God Account, a Facebook friend with some ulterior motives.

You might be thinking that I lied to you right now, but hear me out. Social media is designed to connect people. In some ways, it does, but it also creates a culture of isolation. We seem to share everything and put our entire lives out on display, but we’re curating an image, putting up a pretty wall and hoping no one will notice that the pictures don’t match reality. “God Friended Me” uses social media to break through that wall.

Our modern-day prophet, Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall), is sent friend suggestions in the isolating world of social media for people in need of a helping hand in the real world.  The series is about ignoring the “what ifs,” and breaking through those invisible walls we build around our lives. The circumstances may change, but the message is always the same—we’re all in this together, fighting our own battles, and looking for a way to connect.

I know there are a lot of shows out there vying for your attention. Maybe this is too little too late, but I think this one is still worthy of your time.

…Plus, you can stream the entire first season here.

…just for fun:


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  1. originalomc says:

    so, Zuckerberg is God??? or maybe I missed the point…

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