…sing out strong

Tomorrow night, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” takes its final bows following a four-season run that defied all the rules (you’re welcome CW for the tagline shoutout). So today, I’m giving it one last round of applause before the curtain comes down on this incredible story.

Truly, the fact that this show even happened is incredible. Four seasons, three boyfriends, and two Gregs later, one single thing is clear — this show was never about a crazy ex-girlfriend.

I know we live in a post-“Glee” world and it might not feel like a musical television show is truly groundbreaking. But just like its lead, Rebecca, is so much more than a scorned woman, this show is so much more than a musical.

I’ve written about the show’s enlightened (and melodious) take on mental health a few times over the last several seasons. That’s included some truly difficult moments made bearable with the right song…

But where there are lows, there are highs just waiting around the corner whether that’s a toe-tapping number about anti-depressants…

Or another amazing tribute to a classic musical theater number…


So, what did we learn? No one and nothing is just one thing, whether it’s a musical show about mental health or a (not-so) crazy ex-girlfriend. And all of our parts matter — the peppy beats you can dance to, the sad, lonely ballads, and all the moments in between. So never try to be just one thing. You deserve all the things that are you.

Thank you, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” for spreading the word and bravo.

…bi-daily smile…

A reprise worth waiting (four years) for…



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