…stick with it

Today across the country, many of us are faced with another reminder of the importance of civic responsibility.

Translation: It’s Election Day.

Yes, again. No this is not a delayed April Fools Day (that would be horribly poor form).

I know, the last few years have been a rude awakening for many who did not know there were opportunities to vote more frequently than every four years, but what a wonderful surprise (especially if you enjoy visiting your local polling place).

Here in Chicago, that includes round two of the mayoral election, which regardless of its outcome will make history by electing Chicago’s first black, female mayor. Cue the shattering of the glass city hall. (That sounds dangerous, but you know what I mean.)

You know how a change like that happens? VOTING.

So, if it’s election day in your neck of the woods too, you know what to do. Go exercise your rights with a stroll on over to your polling place.

…bi-daily smile…

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