…Make No Apologies

It’s MY BIRTHDAY!!! It’s also Stephanie’s birthday, but this is my post so…it’s MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Birthdays have a way of making you reflect. This birthday I’m reflecting on the things that I’m grateful for, like friends, family, and you, my fellow crusader. Yes, you. The 2WC would not exist without our fellow crusaders, and I appreciate you joining us.

Of course, birthdays are also great for taking it easy and slacking off (just a bit). I would never shortchange my fellow crusaders just because it’s my birthday, but I would like to give you all a gift.

That gift is a few minutes to enjoy some pure joy or at least a few things that bring me joy. I hope they do the same for you. May your day have as much happiness as you want it to. To my fellow birthday buddies (especially Stephanie), have the best of birthdays. Here’s to another great year.