…have a good laugh

It’s time we had a serious talk about a serious subject, crusaders — laughing. I know it may seem frivolous given the serious things happening around the world, but I would warrant that’s why we could all use a bit of laughter now more than ever.

As the saying goes, laughter makes the best medicine. So let’s take this Let’s Laugh Day seriously and work up some tears of absolute joy. 

And as wonderful as a funny video is on its own, the real joy of laughter comes when it is shared. I mean, if a cat video isn’t shared on Facebook, does it even make a sound? But seriously, don’t keep the funny to yourself, it’s not Let You Laugh Day, it’s Let Us Laugh Day (yay contractions!).

So, spread the word and the humdingers that tickled your funny bone. The more the merrier.

Whether you chortle, chuckle, or snort, allowing that release of pure humor-filled joy can turn a day around, it can lift your own spirit and those around you. So no snickering to yourself, share the wealth and let’s make the world smile together.

…bi-daily smile…

Some Disney magic…

And this ridiculous prank that will never not make me laugh…

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  1. originalomc says:

    James is what I would call “A Crazy Ex-Flatmate”…

    Liked by 1 person

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