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It’s Pi Day!!! That’s pi as in the mathematical constant. You may also know it as π or 3.14. Get it? It’s 3.14 on 3/14…anyways…you’re welcome for that crazy flashback to math class.

Much like humanity’s love for pie, this large irrational number goes on for forever, literally. It’s been calculated to over 22 trillion digits…without repeating. That’s insane. It’s also why anyone who tells you they can recite π (end of sentence) probably misspoke. If you counted at a rate of one number per second and kept counting 24 hours a day it would take you over 31,000 years to count to one trillion, and you’d still have over 21 trillion digits to go. Isn’t math fun?

Okay, so the truth is for most Pi Day isn’t actually about pi, it’s about pie. Personally, I think it can (and should) be about both.

After all, isn’t that the first thing they teach you in math class — that you’ll need to know this stuff in the real world. That moment has finally come.

Pi (and math) is responsible for the modern world we live in. Without it, you probably wouldn’t be reading this on your phone/computer/tablet now. That makes it pretty awesome and worth celebrating every day, not just on 3/14.

Even if you’re still not sold on this highly influential irrational number enjoy your Pi Day and maybe eat some too. Oh, and if you’re looking to impress/annoy your friends and family, you can use π to find the circumference of your pie (C=2πr). Happy Pi Day, all!

More on the Story: NY Times

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