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It may be impolite to ask a lady’s age, but when a cultural icon is turning 60, it needs to be talked about.

Today Barbie (along with the countless girls and women who grew up with her) celebrates six decades, which feels like an appropriate addition to Women’s History Month.

I know there are those out there concerned that Barbie’s figure may contribute to unrealistic expectations placed on young girls and I’m not here to argue with that point…

But, I think we should be more concerned about the fashion choices she’s putting ahead of common sense. I hope that snowman Insta moment is worth the hypothermia…

Unless this is really a larger message about the harsh realities of climate change and the wardrobe changes it will require…

But seriously, while I understand the concerns regarding body image, getting stuck on that one point and ignoring all of the incredible things Barbie has done for girls, would be unjust for this diva doll. I mean this is a doll who’s been everything from a doctor to an astronaut, a professional athlete, and beyond.

Last year Mattel launched the “Shero” series and the parade of role models has only grown, expanding into the doll’s #CloseTheDreamGap campaign. Turns out by age 5, many girls stop believing they can achieve their dreams, simply because they’re a girl. This new campaign aims to keep them inspired and reaching for those dreams.

But Barbie knows that we all need to evolve and change, but that change takes work and we have to talk about problems to fix them…and she’s keeping it real…

 So, Happy Birthday, Barbie! Here’s to another six decades of evolution.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    animated Barbie has always kind of creeped me out…


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