…just want to have fun

For this, the first Sunday of Women’s History Month, let’s have some fun, ladies.

I mean sure, I could dwell on the fact that half a percent of all recorded history (roughly 3,500 years) is dedicated to women…and I refuse to believe that we as a gender have only done 17 and a half years of noteworthy things.

But it’s Sunday Funday, so I’m keeping things upbeat. I am definitely not going to shout, “Why didn’t you write this down?” into the historical void, at those who neglected so much of history.

Nope, I chose to instead remember the wise words of Cyndi Lauper, who so perfectly observed that, when the working day is done, oh girls, they wanna have fun…and equal pay for the work we did during that working day, but also fun…

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  1. originalomc says:

    we’re starting to run out of months for white guy’s history…ha!!!

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