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Today, the first day of Women’s History Month, may be about remembering the incredible women of the past, but I think it also inspires us all to look forward toward the great female achievements ahead.

So, it seems fitting that today also marks the beginning of the one-week countdown to the release of Marvel’s first female-led film, “Captain Marvel.” And although she is one incredible, long-overdue leading lady, she is not alone in her future greatness. So, this Flick Friday, I thought I’d take a minute for a few of the sheroes heading our way in the very near future…

“Captain Marvel”
I’m just going to say it, it is about gosh darn time, Marvel. I mean, DC beat you to it and they did it so very, very well. But in the spirit of moving forward, let’s take another look at the latest kick-ass lady to take the lead.

“X-Men: Dark Phoenix”
They may just be the X-Men, but the star of their next film is adding a second x (chromosome) to the equation as Jean Gray has her moment. Don’t worry, the rest of the gang is still there too, but I can’t wait to see the Phoenix shine (literally).

Because superheroes don’t have all the fun, let’s take a moment for the small screen. This upcoming jazz hands extravaganza may be based on a Bob Fosse biography, but this creative team was smart enough to give the powerhouse that was Gwen Verdon top billing too. Cannot wait to see Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell go toe to toe in this “Fosse/Verdon.”

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  1. originalomc says:

    to be fair to the X-men franchise, they’ve made it clear that Phoenix/Jean Gray is the most powerful mutant…


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