…Look to the Rainbow

Super Bowl weekend is nearly upon us. That means it’s time for millions of non-Rams and non-Patriots fans to determine their temporary loyalties. Some will root for the better of two evils, others will find themselves rooting against a side.

Personally, I will be rooting for the Skittles commercial.

Why? Well, let’s just say that as a scorned St. Louis Rams fan, it’s complicated.  Do you know what’s not complicated? The Skittles commercial.

Okay, that’s not exactly accurate, because the Skittles commercial isn’t exactly a commercial. It’s a musical. Yep, that’s right, Skittles is skipping a 30-second commercial for a 30-minute musical led by star of stage and screen Michael C. Hall.

Don’t worry, there’s more. It will be performed live for an audience of 1,500 in New York City hours before game time.

Oh, and it’s not airing during the game, at all. As the show’s opening number “This Might Have Been a Bad Idea” says, “this ad will not be on tv, this ad will not be number one.” It also features catchy numbers like “Advertising Ruins Everything”, “This Was Definitely a Bad Idea” and “Four Minutes of Michael C. Hall Eating Skittles,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

Now before you scoff at this marketing stunt with zazz and probably some jazz hands, you should know that it’s doing some good too. Ticket proceeds will be donated to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (which you can read about here), and Skittles is matching these donations.

Although, I should mention that the show is sold out. However, you can still get that good person glow and donate here.

To reiterate, I will be rooting for the Skittles commercial. Will be a shiny trophy at the end? Probably not. A millionaire saying they’re going to Disneyland? I’m going to guess no.

This quirky, little, marketing-ploy of a musical may have ulterior motives but its artificially colored and flavored, rainbow, heart is in the right place. That, in my opinion, is worth cheering for. So…Go Skittles! Go!

More on the Story: Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    Skittles may have already won the war…

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