…give in to love

This Monday, I presume anyone who joined the unique “live” experience that was “RENT: Live” has all the #MondayMotivation they’ll need for a while, so I’ll see you in a few months…

Seriously, my heart and appreciation go out to everyone involved. I can only imagine the roller coaster that yesterday was (and I hope someone told Brennin Hunt that “break a leg” is just an expression…I’m sorry, I had to).

While it may not have been quite live, the surprise circumstances made it quite the event. And as the broadcast so beautifully incorporated, the show’s road has been anything but a smooth one, and this bump was a small one in its journey (which I now hope has an in-the-round production in its future).

Now I need to talk about the set for a minute. In a word, it was stunning. Its scale and versatility made it a character all unto itself and the stuff of theatrical jungle gym (quite literally at times) dreams. 👏👏👏

Finally, bravo to all, especially anyone who made it through Brandon Victor Dixon’s reprise of “I’ll Cover You” without openly weeping. I applaud your tear ducts of steel. Here’s the concert version that was recorded last night…

How are the tear ducts doing now?

Now that we’ve all had a good ugly cry, let’s get out there and take that “show must go on spirit” with us into the week…carefully, it’s icy and I don’t want to hear about any more broken ankles.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    built in drama…

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