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We’re one week away from FOX’s “RENT: Live,” crusaders, which means you have just seven days left to brush up your Puccini, or at least your familiarity with this 90s interpretation of it.

When “Rent” made its Broadway debut in 1996, it already had quite the history and brought a lot with it — the tragedy of the loss of its creator, Jonathan Larson, the love of its early fans, and a whole cast of newcomers who would go on to become the toast of Broadway and beyond. You might have heard of a few of them…

So, as we count down this next week, I thought I’d take the opportunity to take a journey down memory lane with (some of) the original cast of “Rent.”

First, let’s journey over to “Law & Order” of yesteryear (and now “The Flash”) for a familiar “Rent” face, Jesse L. Martin, the original Tom Collins. He (along with most of the rest of the cast) returned to bring this story to the big screen and perform one of the greatest subway car scenes of all time…

And while we’re in TV land, let’s step on over to Shondaland to pay a visit to Taye Diggs, the original Benny, and “Private Practice” (the wonderful “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff) cast member. But most importantly, this glorious moment on “Lip Sync Battle.”

And if you’re into the whole streaming scene, you might recognize Anthony Rapp, the first Mark, who now travels to the stars on the latest “Star Trek: Discovery.” But one of my favorite roles of his will always be everyone’s favorite blockhead, Charlie Brown.

And finally, Maureen, arguably the most widely known of this first cast, Idina Menzel (Adelle Dazeem to John Travolta). Because you don’t get much bigger than a Disney princess. So with that I’ll leave you with Elsa and a week to soak in the “Rent” goodness…

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  1. originalomc says:

    so, to be clear, what role does Olaf play???


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