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Today I thought I’d do something a little different. I’d like to say thank you. Specifically to the TSA workers who got me through security in record time this morning.

In case you’ve forgotten our government has been in a partial shutdown for over three weeks. That partial shutdown means that many government employees are either not working at all or working without pay.

This morning I thought it would be crowded and I would be rushed. It was crowded, but the rush never happened. Perhaps it was partially good planning on my part, but the smiles and attitudes of literally every person working security made the experience downright enjoyable.

Being a TSA agent is a thankless job on a good day, and the last three weeks have been anything but good days. So, thank you for bringing your best even though our government can’t seem to do the same.

To those traveling during the shutdown, don’t forget we’re all in this together. And be sure to thank a TSA agent. I promise you, it’ll make your day and their’s just a little better.

…just for fun:

Completely unrelated, but needs to be shared…

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  1. originalomc says:

    good idea – whatever we think of the shutdown and wall and politics, the government employees showing up for work deserve our thanks…


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