…ruin everything

“A little learning is a dangerous thing…”

Alexander Pope

This What to Watch Wednesday, prepare to have your mind blown…with knowledge.

Pope may have had a point, there are few things more potentially dangerous than someone who knows part of a truth and runs with it.

With that in mind, some might see “Adam Ruins Everything” as a show with a potentially dangerous premise…teaching all of us a little more about things we didn’t know we knew so little about.

But the only thing more dangerous than a little knowledge is no knowledge that all, or complete and utter myths that have somehow stood the test of time.

“Adam Ruins Everything” is built on the old adage, “no one likes a know it all.” But it’s hard not to like Adam Conover after an episode of this entertaining and educational show (on TruTV, Netflix, and YouTube).

Each episode opens with what seems like a totally normal situation. It could be a day at the office or a trip to the grocery store or a night out at a restaurant or a Sunday football game. Literally, no situation is safe from the inevitable, “actually.”

But really, I could talk about this show all day, or I could select a completely random clip on a completely random topic that is in no way incredibly relevant to this moment in history (which will judge us all) to show you what I’m talking about…

A little knowledge may be dangerous, but it can also go a long way in making us all our best selves. So, prepare to learn (and probably have your heart crushed a few times because sometimes the truth hurts…that’s life). Knowledge is our most powerful weapon, let’s not forget to keep it fully charged.

…bi-daily smile…

Speaking of ruining everything…what’s your game, Marvel?

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  1. originalomc says:

    my only takeaway today is that Iron Man’s buddy is helping Spidey…


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