…go it alone

Movie fans and hosting enthusiasts were dealt quite a blow this week as the Academy has (basically) confirmed there will be no host for the Oscars this year. Because we don’t get nice things anymore.

Yes, even in a world full of perennial award show hosts (Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris, James Corden, Stephen Colbert…I’m assuming you’ve noticed the theme by now…) they’ve decided to forgo the honor completely.

You know what that means…ACADEMY ANARCHY!!!

Just kidding…as they say in the business, “the show must go on.” And following the departure of Kevin Hart…followed by his maybe return…and now an all but definite promise that he will not be hosting…it will go on…

Although after Sunday evening’s Golden Globes I don’t know why they wouldn’t just have Olivia Colman hold court like the Queen that she is.

But fret not, a host-less Oscars is not without precedent, but it will be the first time since 1989. And oh what a show it was…

Poor, poor Snow White, you deserved better.

Of course, this being the business of show, there’s always the chance a “surprise” last-minute change is made.

But I for one think it might be nice to see a group of people come together, put their differences aside for the common good…of creating a watch-able awards ceremony. Maybe we could all use that kind of example in our lives right now.

Whatever ends up happening, it will undoubtedly be an Oscar season to remember, so let’s get rolling…

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    yep, definitely the biggest leadership issue facing our nation today…

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