We’re just over a week into 2019 and it is already shaping up to be a fantastic year. That’s not sarcasm just the pure, unadulterated joy that comes from knowing that 2019 has given us “The Masked Singer.” Once again, not sarcasm.

For those not familiar with this weird reality show from FOX, here’s a quick breakdown. Masked celebrities give vague clues about who they are and then compete against each other in a singing competition.

But wait, there’s more. Throw in a panel of celebrity judges (who are not masked) and a studio audience who votes to eliminate and unmask one of the celebrities, and you’ve got the general concept of the show. Please note, I did say it was weird.

If you’re wondering where this bizarre concept came from, the short answer is Korea. You may remember this gem of a video from this past year. If you don’t, I have three words for you — Deadpool, unicorn, and Annie.

I know it’s out there, but it’s also fascinating. It doesn’t rely on big names to draw in its audience. Instead, it uses the audience’s fascination with celebrity culture. No names, no faces, just a bunch of cartoon characters singing popular music.

It’s reality television, in a nutshell, it is both everything and absolutely nothing. It’s also a great way to rest your brain and, for an hour, only worry about who would dress up like a peacock to perform “The Greatest Showman” (SPOILER ALERT – highlight the text at your own risk…it’s definitely Donny Osmond).

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    okay – my viewing schedule is full, but I’m going to have to add this one in…

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