…drink it in

Happy Tuesday, crusaders. The second day of what will be most everyone’s first full week back after the holidays. Right about now I’m sure the reality that you still have three more days left in this week (and probably most of still today too).

Just remember to keep breathing, focus on your goals, and, of course, stay hydrated. Of course, if you’re this week’s latest meme/the breakout star from Sunday night’s Golden Globes — #FIJIWaterGirl — you’ll be able to do all three at once. And I think this photobombing pro is just the #TuesdayMotivation we all need right now.

I mean look at that form, the consistency is startling. What an incredible reminder that with hard work, focus, and some solid tray holding skills, dreams can come true…even a dream as specific as becoming a professional photobomber/internet meme-master.

May we all bring the same determination, commitment to excellence, and hydration with us into this week and those to come. Drink up, crusaders, drink up.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    Fiji water girl is the true biggest winner of this year’s Golden Globes…


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