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Happy Golden Globes Sunday! Today we all celebrate our shared love of movies, television, and the many (many) differing opinions on both.

Of course, it’s those differences that make the world of entertainment exciting. They’re what make the same film or series a completely different experience for each and every person. They’re what make storytelling a challenge and an absolute delight.

Right here and right now, those differences make for a few conflicting Golden Globe picks. With those differing opinions in mind, here are a few more…

Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical

Zer: “Mary Poppins Returns” — I’m going rogue on this one. I’ll freely admit that this is more of a “want to win” situation. Odds are that either “The Favourite” or “Green Book” will win. But just for a few moments, I’m choosing to live in a world where a magical British nanny and a seriously overqualified lamplighter could win.

Stephanie: “The Favourite” — This category is ridiculously stacked, so while I want to live in a world where “Mary Poppins Returns” takes home this top prize, I think it’s in the cards (and in the name) for this incredible, farcical film.

Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical

Zer: “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” — I hesitate to call it a runaway hit, but there seems to be no stopping Mrs. Maisel. It deserves its success, but it would be nice to see “The Good Place” get some recognition too.

Stephanie: “The Good Place” — “Barry” or “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” are more likely winners in this category, but I’m just so excited this incredible show got a nod, I’m going big.

Best Motion Picture – Drama

Zer: “A Star is Born” — I’ve long wondered why musicals get shoehorned into the comedy category. The simple answer is that much like the comedy, musicals are seen as a lesser art form, but I won’t get into that here. Musicals and comedy are not mutually exclusive, yet somehow dramas like “Les Miserables” and “Walk the Line” have won the comedy category simply because their stories are told with music. It’s nice to see “A Star is Born” in the right category, but it would be nicer to see musicals given the respect they deserve.

Stephanie: “A Star is Born” — Let the record state that I want nothing more than to see “Black Panther” pull an upset in this category and that it irks me to no end that “A Star is Born” was submitted in this category (instead of as a musical) because drama is considered the more “prestigious” category…but putting all of that aside, it will probably win this “top” honor. Also, it’s a very good movie.

Best Television Series – Drama

Zer: “Killing Eve” — Please see here and here for my feelings on this show written and created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and starring the amazing Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer.

Stephanie: “The Americans” — I will cope with my failed prediction if “Killing Eve” takes home the trophy, but this is the Globes’ last chance to honor one of the greatest shows on television…and I expect they will.

Best Animated Feature Film

Zer: “Incredibles 2” — Pixar plus a 14-year wait should equal a Golden Globe, but we’ll see.

Stephanie: “Incredibles 2” — “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” has a shot at upsetting in this category, but the sequel that was a decade and a half in the making and was even better than the original (it’s just true) will be hard to beat.

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