…dance to your own tune

On this, the final Friday before Christmas 2018, crusaders, I’d like to present to you a film that could not be a purer definition of a cult classic, if it tried…and it most certainly gave it its absolute all.

Everything you need to know about “Anna and the Apocalypse,” the little Scottish film that did, is right there in it’s subtitle — A Zombie Christmas Musical.

Need I say more?

If that combo of words did not immediately put a smile on your face, don’t see it. You won’t enjoy it. And that’s okay. If you’re still smiling at the prospect of a zombie Christmas musical, I’ll continue…

It should come as no surprise that at its heart, “Anna and the Apocalypse” is a coming of age story. Anna (Ella Hunt) is a high school senior who is dreaming of graduating and getting as far away from Scotland as possible, unfortunately the zombie apocalypse has other plans for her.

What starts as something akin to “High School Musical,” complete with a lunchroom song and dance number, quickly becomes a campy, gory delight all its own.

Anna is joined on her post-apocalyptic journey by her best friend, John (Malcolm Cumming), her American classmate, Steph (Sarah Swire), her ex, Nick (Ben Wiggins), and star-crossed lovers, Chris and Lisa (Christopher Leveaux and Marli Siu). Complete with appropriately introspective lyrics and weaponized Christmas decorations, they are quite the crew.

The concept alone was enough to make this an instant cult classic, but the music is what sealed its fate. It’s phenomenal. It’s catchy, smart, delves into the need for human connection in a world so distracted by technology…seriously.

And because it’s begging to be said, the movie is bloody brilliant. (Disclaimer: Take the bloody literally…this is not for the weak-stomached.) I may have been startled, slightly traumatized, and shed a few tears along the way, but “Anna and the Apocalypse” left me with a smile on my face and a song stuck in my head (all week). So, if zombie Christmas musicals are your thing, ’tis the season.

…bi-daily smile…

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