…rise above

We’re a mere week away from Christmas Eve, it’s time to fly, crusaders.

And if you’re looking for some motivation as you take off towards greatness this week, here’s a bit of history to help you reach those heights:

On this day in 1903, the Wright Brothers first achieved flight.

A mere 115 years later, think of all that we’ve achieved since — commercial flights, transatlantic travel, breaking the sound barrier, going to space — it truly boggles the mind. And who knows what’s next.

I know that probably doesn’t make your holiday to-do list feel any smaller, but I hope it reminds you how capable you are.

So, this week, get ready to soar onward toward the next challenge, whatever it may be.

…bi-daily smile…

One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    okay, not to be negative, but I just tried and I still can’t fly…


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