…look for the good

On this, the first post-Golden Globe Flick Friday, a time I might traditionally talk about those forgotten by this year’s nominations, I find myself reflecting on a certain kind of optimism.

Not the blind, everything will turn our alright kind, but the kind that always looks for the best in people. Let’s call it the Mary Poppins outlook.

It’s a sentiment seen in (somewhat ironically) many of the works overlooked by this year’s, not the least of which included all of the songs from the forthcoming “Mary Poppins Returns.”

I, being someone who likes to avoid spoilers when I can,…

…have not heard any music beyond the clips featured in the trailers, but I cannot imagine it’s anything but magical.

Still, I’m going to see the good, and presume that the other songs nominated are just that good and concede that at least one of them is that good.

And of course, “Mary Poppins Returns” was by no means forgotten by the Globes (unlike others), so I suppose there’s good to be seen there too.

Look at that, I made it all the way through snubs post with an air of optimism. Here’s hoping it lasts (and the Oscars remember those forgotten by the Globes). In the meantime, happy viewing, crusaders.

…bi-daily smile…

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