This morning, the world was treated to the announcement of the 2019 Golden Globe nominees. With the reading of those lucky few, so begins another award season.

It also means that you have a little over a month to catch up on all the series, mini-series, films, and made for television movies that you missed over the past year.

If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. Assuming you’re not a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Odds are you’ve already seen the nominated shows and films you actually want to sit down and watch or made plans to see them.

So, today I thought I’d celebrate the films and series that we all actually watch. The ones that in spite of their broad appeal actually managed to garner a nomination. True it’s the Golden Globes and not the Oscars, but please let us have this moment.

First up, there’s “Black Panther.” Yes, that’s right, a Marvel superhero film was nominated for Best Picture in Drama. Just take a moment to let that sink in while you relive some of the magic.

Next up is another Disney title. You probably haven’t seen it yet seeing as it has a mid-December release date, but that didn’t stop “Mary Poppins” returns from picking up a handful of nominations.

Finally, this summer’s box office darling, “Crazy Rich Asians” picked up a Best Picture and an acting nod. Not too shabby for a “surprise” hit. The only surprise here is that the “powers that be” still have no clue what people actually want to watch.

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