…Snow For It

season 1 netflix GIF by Gilmore Girls Today’s a snow day for some of us…or at least a snowy day.  Either way, I thought I’d share my snowy, Monday vibes.

Come mid-winter, snow is surprisingly divisive. Right now though, when it’s all fresh and new, I like to think we’re all snow fans.

Winter isn’t exceptionally pretty on its own. It’s dull and gray most of the time. Snow gives everything a little sparkle. It softens winter’s edges.

I know, for some, the wonder will pass quickly. In fact, thanks to a dicey commute or an unfortunate ice patch, it may already be gone.

As you slip and slide, just don’t forget to take some time and enjoy it. It may only be from the other side of a window, but snow still has a little magic to offer.

…just for fun:

One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    the sparkle on new-fallen snow is beautiful…the gray on last weekend’s storm, not so much…

    Liked by 1 person

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