…Think Local

As we all come out of our food comas and sale-induced sweats it’s time to make a little more room in your wallet. It’s Small Business Saturday!

It’s the holidays, we all have a lot going on. But supporting your local businesses doesn’t have to be a chore. Skip Starbucks for the corner cafe. Check out the local bookstore instead of Amazon.

Small, local businesses create a sense of community. They’re defined by the people who live there and they in turn can define their neighborhood.

In other words, they’re more than just a shop or cafe. They’re a sense of home, a source of community pride. They bring people together, and today (and every day) you can pay them back for all they do.

Happy shopping.

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    please, please, please take away a reminder of the law of unintended consequences…

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