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It’s Love Theatre Day, a day whose purpose is pretty self-explanatory. Odds are, if you’re celebrating it, you probably already love the theater (or theatre if you’re outside the U.S.). So, I’m going to direct my attention to those of you who have yet to find your love for the theater.

You probably know some of them. If you don’t you probably are one of them.

They’re the ones who say that one show they can’t remember the name of, but decided it was enough to write off an entire medium. No judgment but if you said you didn’t like television or movies after only seeing one show or a single film it would seem kind of silly, right?

Like any other form of entertainment, everyone has their own genre preferences. Theater can be a pure spectacle, a whole lot of drama, and everything in between. It can be small and intimate or larger than life. Unlike television and film, it requires your presence in order to really come to life.

When I say your presence I mean your actual attention, not one eye on the stage and the other on your phone. This is the true power of theater and the secret to enjoying it. You get to leave all your distractions at the door and enter into a new reality for an hour or so. It’s a true escape from reality, which is a rare thing to find.

I’m not promising your whole life will be changed, but for a little while, you can just let go of the stress and be present.

…just for fun:

2 Comments Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    I enjoy theater, but I really love a couple of theater lovers I know…


  2. mphtheatregirl says:

    There is nothing like the power of live theatre- it is an escape. I love theatre- I love musical theatre

    Liked by 1 person

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