Happy Saturday, fellow crusaders!

Weekends are a good time to catch up and take stock.

A lot happened this week, so I figured I’d offer up some events that won’t send you into a pit of despair. Specifically, some stories about things that were created.

Think of it as a nice break from the stories of destruction. With that spirit in mind, here are a few of this week’s happier stories…

  • The future is here! Samsung revealed its new Galaxy X or Galaxy F. Whatever it’s called the screen freaking folds in half. It’s amazing.
  • The llamas are going to save us, from the flu at least. It turns out they’ve got some super antibodies that could help human immune systems take out more strains of the influenza virus.
  • The hole in the ozone over Antarctica is getting smaller. Thanks to a global initiative to cut down on the use of ozone destroying chemicals (CHCs), the hole could be completely repaired in the coming decades.

…just for fun:

One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    so, Antarctica shouldn’t suddenly fall through a hole into the Milky Way…we’ve got that going for us…


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