…sing out strong

This Monday, all motivation is focused on tomorrow. Happy Midterm Eve, crusaders.

Just in case you’ve missed all the previous (very subtle) reminders to not neglect your right to vote, I’m throwing in one last reminder before the day.

I know that it can be challenging to find the time and truly get revved up about the civic process. But don’t think for one second that’s going to stop me from trying.

I’m making today a musical Monday, because nothing sticks in the mind like that song you just can’t shake. Of course, as just about everyone on the planet knows, you know don’t have to look further than “Hamilton” to find some lyrics to lead you to the polls, but we are going to go so much deeper today. Prepare yourself for the midterm earworm medley you never saw coming…

But first, “Hamilton,” to get it out of the way…because it never hurts to remember the sacrifices made for what we now consider basic liberties…

Also, this…

But, I understand those who are un-motivated given the harsh, sometimes soul-crushing realities of politics. Electoral Colleges aside, it often is a matter of popularity…

And popularity doesn’t always equal greatest leader…

And I wouldn’t dare claim any of us have it quite figured out, and our system is not a perfect one…

And we are by no means the only country with histories and movements worth singing about…

But that shared history should be all the more reason to exercise our rights and get out there and vote tomorrow (if you’re not among the record-breaking numbers that have already voted early). So let’s get out there and vote like it matters, America. Because it does.


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  1. originalomc says:

    no excuses – VOTE!!!

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